We enjoy your company and have much to offer you here! Feel free to relax and have a chat!

Please take a look through our buttons above for the services we offer, or find one of us! We're always happy to make new friends.

Bar Menu

We serve a mixture of oriental style food and drinks made to order from our bartender!

Buy out the bar for 5m, and pay the bill for everyone to enjoy our menu for free!

Drinks: 10k each
•Monochrome Slush
•Blood Cider Beer
•Soulstone Absinthe

Holiday items!:
-Hot and Creamy Chocolate

Food: 10k each
-Tombestone Pizza
-Nerd Salted Pretzels
-Twilight Wolf Salad
-knights bread with baked onion soup.. Make it a bread bowl yourself

Our Courts

All of our courts have been ID checked for 18+ and have been tested for their high quality. Please be at least 18 years of age when contacting our courts.
Courts may add their own pricings for requests outside of their specific kinks.

Misa Losmire

Monochrome Maiden's cute and friendly Court Manager!

Asra Driscoll

As eager as any adorable puppers can be, don't be surprised if you're pounced by this precious treat and is surely a joy to have at your feet! Bestest good girl ever<3

Astrea Zephyrus

Starting off shy, this cute, purple Miqo'te will latch onto you and give you plenty of attention when she warms up to you! Don't be afraid to approach her and make a friend, and feel free to show her the ropes....and maybe she'll show you something more.

Lixue Lung

With a glint in her eye and a confident stride, you know that this Au Ra is up for some trouble. She is a touch shy with regard to approaching people, but once you get to know her, you will have a friend for life.

Your name here!

Wish to work for the Monochrome Maiden? Check into our discord located on the home page for our application.

Public ERP events

Tune in to our event host/hostess on site for tickets towards our special nsfw events which include:
Lewd 21 Questions
Truth or Dare?
Would you rather?
Voyeur rooms
Gloryhole rooms
Orgy rooms